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Although the full large bands are the flagship ensembles for both the UnSwung Heroes and UnSwung BRASS, everything is available in several other forms to suit all budget and event styles. This can even take the form of multiple sets with different ensemble sizes at the same event- why not start with a jazz quartet or small brass ensemble over dinner and then roll out the full band for your evening entertainment!

Alternatively, if volume is an issue the band can revert to a smaller ensemble, whilst still playing all the same well-loved songs. It is also possible for the music to be mobile, and to be entirely acoustic if power is unavailable at your event.

Get in contact with any of our helpful team and they can give you an accurate quote for your day of live music!

Variants on the main bands include:

  • Full 10 piece Danceband/Party Band

  • 8/9 Piece Danceband/Party Band

  • Full 8 piece Orleans Brass Band

  • Jazz background quartet with or without vocals

  • Piano/vocal set

  • Solo cocktail piano

  • Solo classical piano



  • Full sound rig and all equipment as standard – NEVER any hidden extras.

  • Completely transparent costs - At request, we will show you the exact breakdown of where the money you spend with us is going. We aren't an agency, and aren't working to make a profit. We pay our musicians fairly and cover travel, and unlike agencies paying 20% extra on all bookings, we put a small percentage aside for charity. 

  • Visual spectacle or party theme?  The UnSwung Heroes come dressed in full matching vintage shirt and braces for men and cocktail dresses for the women, or a more formal DJ/Ballgown outfit. Specific request for an image or theme? Just ask!

  • Bespoke music service – have a song that you are desperate to be played that we don’t have in one of our sets, or have a first dance request? The Unswung Heroes will create a unique custom arrangement specifically for your event, crafted by a professional arranger. 1 free song request with every booking, multiple songs available for an additional fee. 


  • Include a DJ service for in between and after sets, playing any songs on your request for an additional fee.

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